Model Eleven

999€ Inc. VAT

Coravin Model Eleven is the latest addition to the Coravin family – the first Bluetooth connected and fully automatic Wine Preservation System. Simply insert the Needle through the cork, tip the bottle, and automatically pour your wine.

Its LED display features intuitive icons that let you know when to charge your System or replace the Coravin Capsule. You can even optimise your argon gas usage by switching between pour sizes at the press of a button. The light ring changes from blue to green when the System is fully engaged in the bottle and ready to pour.

Model Eleven connects to the Coravin Moments App, to check your system stats and craft unique wine moments with food, music, and more.

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Unboxing the Model Eleven


Coravin Model One

Automatic Pour: Select your pouring mode, tip, and the wine will flow automatically!

Colour led display: Intuitive icons let you know when it is time to charge, clean, or refill.

Coravin capsules: 99.99% ultra-pure argon gas powers the system and preserves your wine.

What's in the box?

What's in the box?
  • Model Eleven - The first automatic and Bluetooth connected Coravin Wine Preservation System.
  • 6 Total Coravin Capsules - Pour 90 glasses of wine with 6 Coravin Capsules.
  • Coravin Aerator - Using the aerator is equivalent to decanting wine for approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Brushed Metal Base - The Coravin Display Base is the most elegant way to display your Coravin Wine System.
  • Exclusive Carry Case - This durable carry case, soft-lined and stylish, is perfect to bring your Coravin System with you anywhere you go.
  • 6 Coravin Screw Caps - The Coravin Screw Caps allow you to pour and protect wines closed under screw cap for up to three months.

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